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AfricaGen is a future-focused do tank that empowers the dreams and visions of young Africans and scales innovations that catalyze the transition towards a more equal, just and economically resilient Africa.

By leveraging the collaborative intelligence and ingenuity of Africans globally, AfricaGen reveals how seemingly separate issues are interconnected and designs optimized solutions to address them. We apply the principles of open collaboration, systems thinking and the scientific method to the challenges faced by African societies and propose socioeconomic alternatives that fortify human dignity and restore ecological balance.


AfricaGen seeks to galvanize 1 million young Africans into formulating and implementing plans of action that align with the hopes and aspirations of the African people.


Our vision is anchored to the fact that Africans gave birth to the past, and the conviction that Africans will also, in turn, give birth to world of tomorrow. In this regard, we work to ensure that Africans will lead this new era.

AfricaGen Pillars

The three “C”s of our value orientation


Conscious Awareness

Through the power of storytelling we reframe narratives and amplify alternatives that speak to generations of Africans. We create content, analyses, tools and platforms to catalyze transformative ideas and maximize our intellectual capital. Developing our conscious awareness establishes an authentically African train of thought that fosters true education and combats miseducation.


Comprehensive Dignity

By advocating for a human-focused, nature-preserving social system, AfricaGen works to build African societies that are anchored to the principles of self-determination and self-reliance for all. We generate the connective tissue that serves and connects African movements, efforts and aspirations in order to make Africa’s leadership an exemplary model for the world.


Collaborative Design

We empower African ingenuity, imagination and thoughtfulness through the open collaborative design of prototypes and solutions that make African societies resilient. We celebrate success in terms of mechanisms that reduce socioeconomic inequality, improve the societal health of African societies and promote effective management of Africa’s earthly resources.

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