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Welcome to EcoHack Africa 2018, the premiere green economy blockchain hackathon in Africa! From October 8th to 10th​, we will bring 100 young programmers and entrepreneurs together with regulators and scholars for a Hackathon dedicated to building an open-source blockchain platform for the green economy in Africa. ​ ​

This is an inaugural AfricaGen event, but it will not be the last. We aim to mobilize 1 million Africans through hackathons, open-source projects and crowdsourcing to solve some of Africa’s most complex challenges.

“We are not poor, not at all.
The issues have more to do with mindset.”

– H.E Paul Kagame, President of the Republic of Rwanda, AU Chairman


1. an event, typically lasting several days, in which a large number of people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming.

YouthConnekt Africa (YCA)

Africa’s greatest resource is arguably its nearly 420 million youth. Yet, this tremendous asset is relatively untapped. This is largely due to limited access to education, mentorship, finance, employment opportunities and health required to meaningfully participate in the continent’s socioeconomic transformation and realize the demographic dividend.

YouthConnekt Africa has emerged as a high-impact solution for African countries to realize the demographic dividend. Launched in Rwanda in 2012, YouthConnekt has been embraced for its innovative design and implementation providing youth with the skills, networks and information needed to scale their initiatives and gain meaningful employment. To date, six countries have already launched YouthConnekt and many others are in the process of implementing the model.

5 key goals of YouthConnekt Africa

  • Create 10 million jobs for youth
  • Empower 25 million youth with skills
  • Nurture 1 million young leaders
  • Connect 100 million young Africans
  • Close the gender gap.

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AfricaGen Github

Visit us on Github to access the latest project repositories. The code developed allows experts from around the world to participate, consult and ensure the development of a world-class platform.